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What kind of hotel is the real 'resort'?

Date: 2019-03-26

In recent years, many hotel groups or launch or the introduction of resort hotel brand, in order to in the leisure market.What is, and what is on vacation, leisure vacation resort hotel and tourism era rhetorics of resort hotel what difference is there?The author thought that, only clear the above problem, companies can build a truly meet consumer demand for a holiday hotel.

On vacation, there are the following two kinds of understanding: one is based on the Angle of the tourism resort interpretation, an interpretation from the Angle of leisure vacation.Two kinds of different interpretation, lead to two different thinking, the development of social value, the basic function of resort hotel with product characteristics are completely different location requirements.

From the perspectives of tourism resort and holiday hotel

Understanding on holiday from the view of tourism, focuses on the way to travel and visit activities in other cities, traveling on vacation, activity is more important than leisure, leading to a resource-based tourism development thinking, the resort location, environment and resources richness and attractive, and tourists, the differences of local elements such as become the focus of a holiday products indicators.

In this kind of resource-based development consciousness, the scenic spot become the reason of vacation, around the scenic area tourist way became the main content of the activity, the hotel only as necessary, to solve the tourists traveling accommodation need auxiliary facilities.Tourist season, the maximum comprehensive consumption level is not high, tourists in the store factors lead to hotel revenue is low, the hotel had to find all can make up for market share, unable to focus on niche markets.Thus, imitation conference type, business type hotel and even social catering function design construction become inevitable, large banquet hall, the luxurious dining rooms, high-grade conference rooms, executive floors, business center and other facilities.The more the more complex functions, however, the hotel positioning fuzzy, characteristic and not attractive enough, though, all in the name of resort hotel but no resort traits.

From the perspectives of leisure vacation and holiday hotel

Understanding from the perspective of leisure holiday, the holiday is to point to a period of time to escape, the pursuit of happiness, discovery of ego and explore some knowledge and skills, focus on the people in a different way of life, to the place where is all about people present state of residence, emphasizes the holidays bring people spirit and mental and physical pleasure function and role.

Based on the understanding from the Angle of leisure vacation, centering on the base become the dominant form of vacation product production.Specific goals, on the way to travel, holidaymakers behavior choice hotel holiday start, returned home to leave the hotel.On the consumer demand, holidaymakers to the requirements of the resort is no longer stay in the sights of traditional landscape, but the retreat of the food, live, line, entertainment reception facilities put forward higher request, more emphasis on process formed by the "value" for a holiday.On the behavior characteristics, holidaymakers base centered around are obvious characteristics of radial displacement of the space.At the same time, the resort's competition is no longer limited to resource competition, comfortable, delicate, warm, humanized and fashion sense the base environment of space, and the service program with ritualization, memory process, story of the scene atmosphere and QingJieHua participatory activities become the core value of products."Pick up" way of life and experience to become the resort of the core competitiveness.Based on this, the resort hotel from pure evolved into a way of life attitude and experience, have been given a more abundant and strict requirements.Internal small environmental scenes and atmosphere build, after the process of consumption and consumption of physical and mental pleasure, as compared with the peripheral product elements of tourism resources is more important.

How to build a holiday hotel

We must recognize that the industrial age of tourism is a kind of passive, to alleviate the pressure recovery energy activities, have a certain medical properties.Post-industrial resort is a kind of initiative, to reflect the value of life, create happiness feelings of life state, is a part of life.Resort hotel, therefore, the construction should pay great attention to the following link:

A is a way of life as the core of the place spirit.The hai-jun wang, founder of the flower is put forward, way of life from a single hotel service to the way of life services across borders, through all aspects for the user to create within the hotel, the hotel in addition to accommodation, both the arts and humanities, social space, fashion fitness, shopping trips, and other functions, to bring users "room + X" all-weather warm experience of quality life.Lifestyle hotel, as it were, the key is to deliver a can let a guest be distinctive, fully embodies the values of good experience.Therefore, from the traditional material products into the rendered scene and symbolic value is the fundamental contents of the construction of the resort.

Hotel scene experience refers to around demand characteristics, through the idea of the "scene" and arrangements, the hotel provided a way to reconstruct hotel and guest, employees and customers, employees and hotel, staff and the way of the connection between the product form of employees.Among them, to redefine the hotel products, people-oriented scene building experience, to create a unique feel.From the resort's point of view, in the process of scene, with the aim of "leisure" to redefine the product mix, to make consumer experience content "interest" standard, in the form of "immersion" create a unique experience atmosphere is one of the core elements of emotional appeal.

Second is ceremony into a way of service mode change.As a way of life as the main selling point of the resort, in ritualized service product innovation, sense of rhythm is the ceremony of aesthetics basis points, the process specification is the basis of innovation, the guests to participate in the formation of experience booster, an important way to share is worth sharing.

Three value is described as a means of clients' attention.In the Internet age, the scene was redefined as a way of thinking, a business capacity, and even a form of life.Refactoring for scene content from the Internet is more of a new spirit of scenario and scenario thinking, it is using the nature of the Internet connection, fully release the personal emotion and value pursuit, in the scene, in turn, stimulate personal participation desire of scene, to create greater business value.Sharing is a way to release based on height value identity, therefore in resort hotel development strategy, the need to create the "excitement" valuable and interesting story.Because it tells the key of marketing channel and is about to be scene, only to be Shared, can you tell only can share can be passed, only by memory is passed, only by memory can be follow, finally to build up their own community.

Four way is happiness to create a lifetime of service.Resort hotel product value is not only contain the hotel product function level of security, convenient, comfortable and so on elements, should contain more joyful to experience and emotional resonance, memories and other spiritual satisfaction, not only embodies in the store in the process of the consumer experience, but also the guests of concomitant lifelong happiness passed after your departure.Therefore, in the era of mobile Internet, resort hotel should attach great importance to the guests after the departure of connection and interaction.To happiness as the starting point of innovation product push, for long time continuous communication way, is emotional connection with humanistic care and watching, so between the hotel and guests will no longer be pure functional connectivity, the guests began to care about adhesion on hotel product features such as word of mouth, culture, the soul of things such as the charm of personality, thus a new kind of "shop +" seamless trust relationship will be established.

Leisure time has come, the construction of the resort hotel is still a long way.