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Xi Xi Xi Xi Tian Tang Li Jing Xi Xuan Hotel - Hangzhou (Rezen High Xuan SPA Hotel Hangzhou Xixi), Le parc touristique international de xixi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xin Hua Tan Guan Ling Qu environ 300 mètres.Hangzhou Tourist Center, environ 15 minutes de route vers le lac Ouest, Lingyin, songcheng, Liangzhu site, et d 'autres sites de base de Hangzhou sont des sites de l' Express direct, le trajet est d 'environ 20 minutes.L 'hôtel BR est l' un des plus célèbres designers de Chine, a remporté le grand prix de l 'hôtel de design et le titre de dix meilleures vacances touristiques de Chine.Pour que les invités dans un environnement naturel et de style unique, de sentir l 'architecture simple, la cuisine, la courtoisie.Je suis revenu ici pour mener une vie artistique unique en son genre.Sixuan Sigma collection, choisissez le troisième étage, est très peu d 'espace comme l' hôtel d 'or à grande échelle 'blanc' et les voyages à Hangzhou doivent faire partie de la bibliothèque!Sentez le parfum du livre et du café, la seule chose qui appartient aux livres et aux histoires après - midi.
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  • bessie
    This hotel is inside the beautiful Xixi Wetland Park. Nice environment and unique decorations. However, the facilities inside the room is a little worn out and there is not much service inside the hotel such as bars and spas (they close very early).
  • asuper
    Hotels design in particular, overall I feel pretty!
  • sun93535
    Great hotel! nice! service is super good!
  • successbelief
    Location was quiet and friendly design
  • Vivian-Finnish
    A very good environment, very close to the xixi in heaven
  • callen
    Rooms are large, Nespresso, but little balcony
  • Beyondcloud
    Hotel location is good on is located in West Brook downtown but West Brook really nothing mean three or four hours on play finished sat cruise of way Xia has attractions really didn't watchable and hot return Hotel topic hotel really worth to experience about design sense is good to West Brook than in hotel stay a afternoon see book sofa Shang lying lying free of is key is has atmosphere room also is comfortable bed face Windows feel mood is refreshed and hotel service also good earlyMeal varieties also also can fruit many and are is quality compared good of is holiday to really of is your more than 1400 more set has two between which a between added balcony of more than 1500 more also is don't set has balcony of because nothing role night this thought balcony Shang sat later due to balcony lights problem led to Super more mosquito so have balcony are matter has only discontent of is because noon on staying Hotel night drive to Lake of out downtown of ShiHou was told to collect 30 parking fee in fact, hotels have free parking vouchers provided but did not inform us in advance generally guests are supposed to know for the first time there is always parking pass know how stop the parking charge a parking fee?! So we are up and charging at the door staff to explain and didn't know I could get parking tickets in the hotel staff's attitude is simply a face what services are happy to let us pay super poorPoint I was very good overall impression of Hangzhou to minimize the unpleasant feeling of means the hotel is responsible should be told to get parking pass again when surrounding commercial area to eat at the hotel it is easy to
  • dccwong
    Nice! quiet
  • e00820308
    A strong sense of design
  • simonyd
  • DP1576
    Very good hotel, nice hotel facilities is also quite good, room, breakfast not much, for me is enough.
  • allenamy123
    Nice rooms, very quiet, staff were very friendly
  • eastlmm
    Like the price is not high, but maybe West Brook hotels
  • aaron8281
    Slightly old rooms, other
  • m04270389
    Hotel decoration is modern of, library tall Shang, for loaded forced. bath supplies are is Europe Shu Dan of, is good, daily also will sent copies fruit, away from West Brook wetland scenic not is far, we called has China car, several minutes on to has. hotel around hotel also is more of, walk several minutes on can to near of street has. is breakfast varieties not many, somewhat sorry more than 1000 more of room, General for also is is satisfaction of.
  • e00075371
  • dm2186
    Environment around the hotel is very good, very quiet. suitable accommodation for the holiday!
  • lionline29
    Very nice
  • e00011811
    Lobby very special holiday price high
  • fenfei123
  • normndie
    Facilities, simple, modern, breakfast is too simple
  • Espresso0507
    Very quiet, heating is not so good
  • dorency
    Overall good experience is good is the price a little high
  • ANNYgrace
    Reception staff were very attentive
  • fangjunmeifjm
    Hotels a lot of creativity
  • e02650628
    Integrated high cost performance, plenty of space, a unique patio add to the comfort.
  • ayaaya
    Environmental facilities are OK, breakfast is too simple, inside parking, parking tickets, parking is not offered when you check out coupon
  • RoyalGuard1987
    To tell the truth, configurations are good hotel, surroundings very good! is dropped the elevator level, possibly because the stairs are so beautiful! I point out a waiter and I say don't order takeout, hehe, and asked me to sign, and on this point I would not come again next time, very disappointed.
  • bluewindow
    Help friends. are said to have featured
  • e00257565
    Style is good, the rooms are comfortable, surrounded by Nice
  • Bernice5642
    Location and facilities really of good, breakfast style compared less, but for this staying rate for enough eat has, do of also is seriously. main is location good, in West Brook heaven in, must to eat grandmother home flagship shop really recommended, away from West Brook compared near. only is maximum of shortcomings is service. If not carefully see, you will think he home no service personnel really of, service attitude and enthusiasm far enough five-star standard.
  • lym8909
    305, very good
  • Gary1112
    Okay-just so-so
  • imwei
    Air conditioning is not obvious
  • aslyn117
    Enjoy a quiet environment!
  • amyangel
    Good xixi wetland.
  • gongyiwen
    Nice hotel,
  • jglin
    Hotel design is very modern, surprise surprise lobby Atrium. XI XI landscape next to the traffic is convenient, free visit to the wetland Museum, does not eat. right next to the street, eating is very convenient
  • sallymeng817
    Very good, 2nd time to live, full of memories
  • littlesea
    No idea of good, up to a value of 610 a night.
  • boengun
    Hotel environment, wife have added to their toiletries appreciation! hotel services are good, direct transfers! good choice!
  • caics
    A beautiful environment, fresh air
  • oasis2018
    So it was, and
  • LesleyLei
    Library is very characteristic environment good breakfast bad
  • lester0208
    Design hotel pretty new special feeling pretty good
  • libra~
    Rooms are simple and modern style, bathroom very good! surprise!
  • junet_du
    A very good environment, hardware and software but really not a luxury hotel, breakfast very little of it, super small gym, no swimming pool or experience the Spa
  • E02288382
    OK hurry if you stay for two nights will be better
  • siningli
    Environment, good service, good facilities, breakfast is very good. high standards of hotel library, very creative. the lack of places for children and swimming pools.
  • JANELEE2010
    Great place to holiday, although there is no in-depth understanding of the hotel, but the decoration of the hotel style I like, especially Hall, people had no sense of restraint.