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The Xixuan Spa Hotel Hangzhou (Xixuan Jiudian) puts forward a philosophy of elegant relaxation,  offering simple,  luxurious accommodation and a luxury spa offering unique treatments.    Designed with a modern minimalist style,  the rooms of this Hangzhou hotel offer custom-made Seally beds with 400 thread counts natural linens,  floor-to-ceiling windows,  reclaimed oakwood radiant heated floors and complimentary Wi-Fi.[View Detail]     

住客评论 1114条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • Andyjeanne
    Great hotel, like his design, xixi wetland on the edge of sunny can walk on the wetland edge, very comfortable.
  • cafu_97
    Very quiet hotel, design styles also have feelings! great!
  • lifansnow
    Good service, Nice location, good, really good
  • endy_xm
    Very nice hotel, hardware, software services are great.
  • ANNYgrace
    Reception staff were very attentive
  • iamgreenday
  • georry
    Hotel in quiet secluded furniture simple fashion
  • solotomb
    Front hotel is the business of a street food is convenient for me, but only in the hotel for breakfast, Mall 10 points to business. customer service very good, patchwork, a five-star hotel
  • victorstar
    Oh and former love to go the hotel is nice and romantic, but
  • lloog
    Have been to many times, the overall feeling good!
  • Andyao888
    For two a people to, environment is quiet, hotel people also not more, because is reading district, everyone also are walked of, atmosphere is good, I with husband are is like, most time are Wo with reading, room has coffee machine, Cook has two cup coffee, and book accompanied by, mood imagined. night also has movie watch, and staff a headphones, so as not to other people reading by effect, this also is compared intimate of. around Street dinner also is convenient, insufficient of at is as this priceBit of hotel, breakfast things less has points, no swimming pool is regrets points, but because we both is at library to of, also on matter has. not recommends with small child of Pro-are staying, while here no children paradise like of, on the child are in reading district within run play cry make is compared embarrassing of. I home husband said has, if price again pro-people points, BA shall not every day to
  • cc_xiaoman
    Compare personality hotels, all in all a good. is to open the Windows window is less clean, and pale wood floors giving the impression not clean
  • e05674973
    Very good, rooms are clean and fresh decoration, suitable for family travel!
  • c116263
    Very comfortable hotel in ' live!
  • sylid
    A very good environment, adjacent to wetlands, the decoration of the hotel is very elegant, highly recommended
  • A1182856240
    Super like this hotel, design is detailed simple, room clean comfortable, bathroom pick high skylights, whole is is good! stairs library let I wants to in this stay a week! book many type is new is full! around also super convenient, out of to is restaurant star BA grams, night also has supper barbecue, environment green also is seductive, really of is good! live has also wants to live!
  • memory20
    Great street restaurant car battery transfer
  • jamesway
    Good design style, I prefer next time business or lived here
  • bobifox
    Quiet nice hotel nice
  • elyot
    Touch of fragrance in the air sat quietly in the corner of the hotel selected a book on such a quiet girl;)
  • e00895425
    Hotel in West Brook near, environment really of is Rod, is comfortable, hotel of environment set also to is good ~ also has library and stepped bar, is praise! and hotel behind on has Street, times rice movie one-stop, more important of is also has outside sold Oh, Rod Rod da! is hotel room of lights is in Dim has is, recommends put some slightly highlights of lamp ~
  • wangyapeng123
    Only drawback was no condoms in the room, call the front desk to embarrassed to death
  • cici0907
    Poor breakfast, no swimming pool, other
  • green3699
    Bed was large, suitable for families, baby love, and convenient to the xixi wetlands.
  • songliuren
    Next to the xixi wetlands xixi in heaven, good location. xixi in heaven a place to eat a lot, but shopping places are relatively small. Room size, but is equipped with a stereo and capsule coffee machine, this is great. Bath products are occitane, very loving. All the hotel staff are very good, try to meet the needs of the guests.
  • amy1981
    Hotel style is very good ... very comfortable.
  • gaogaofan000
    Hotel very unique read very good air conditioning is bad
  • fen712
    Services and hardware, there is room for improvement, but the library design is absolutely stunning. unexpectedly high quality books on the shelf, if the pocket money is not short, long break here is simply a noble life.
  • flyingtuntun
    Design is very good, room was very tasty, it is worth staying.
  • pattywuyan
    All right
  • e00755655
    Environment, good facilities, better service. Would definitely recommend.
  • Dairene
    In the xixi in heaven, very quiet, great breakfast, especially like the bookcase area on the second floor, style, and aromatherapy in rooms, sleep sweet-click service, praise
  • andyma1974
    Help the boss book, customer satisfaction!
  • e00030894
    Jing an
  • baogair
    Praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise praise
  • tcbyyu
    No pool, to be regretted.
  • dsyjls
    Very good hotel, the design feels strong. service attitude is good
  • lefty
    Design of well-
  • andydai
  • sammy_cc00
    The decoration of the hotel are quite special, location was good, if the drive is very convenient, there are places to eat around, take a walk in the evening was good.
  • tcp121
    Convenient to the xixi wetlands. cafeteria downstairs open, fried eggs taste will be scattered throughout the corridor outside the room. as regards the book Gallery Hotel personal feeling is of little value.
  • sunmilo
    Its good
  • cll098
    Very clean room, lobby is beautiful, the next opportunity would come again
  • beginer2001
    Hotel toiletries are occitane, very literary. business district is nearby, just 5-minute walk. xixi Wetland Park are close by, play easy. one hour free use of bikes at the hotel.
  • catface1
    Like this hotel of style, first Hall has modern, comfortable of book's attract with I, then into rooms, hotel all is Finland wood tones of natural sent decorative again moved I, meet West Brook heaven 'diffuse' life of style, again enjoy two hours of SPA, to West Brook heaven in see field movie, tea a coffee, next to must to live Shang several day.
  • lingyan1024
    Hotels in bookstores, it's too expensive for me, the room not insecure
  • trulycool
    Very good, is the check out time cannot be extended, very annoying.
  • caimaogege
    Nice surroundings, health in General and in particular to the floor of the room, feeling swept, no telephone in the room, don't even have a front desk and room service, telephone, hotel and no swimming pool, a bit sorry for the star and prices
  • littlesea
    No idea of good, up to a value of 610 a night.
  • petejaai
    Good hotel is next to the wetland is quiet