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The Xixuan Spa Hotel Hangzhou (Xixuan Jiudian) puts forward a philosophy of elegant relaxation,  offering simple,  luxurious accommodation and a luxury spa offering unique treatments.    Designed with a modern minimalist style,  the rooms of this Hangzhou hotel offer custom-made Seally beds with 400 thread counts natural linens,  floor-to-ceiling windows,  reclaimed oakwood radiant heated floors and complimentary Wi-Fi.[View Detail]     

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  • nannan20071024
    Very nice hotel, decor very much, room was very clean and very beautiful, library is very good, breakfast a little General, and hotel price level does not conform to ... Also, conditioner is an out of date ... Expires in 2 years, and don't know a star hotel, was so disappointed ...
  • flyline
    Surrounding environment good! stay comfortable!!
  • fly121008
    And we think it's great
  • lmds168ww
    Hotel very nice, very clean, very close to the xixi wetlands and suitable for family fun, stay
  • gjleo
    Next to the hotel in the xixi wetlands, natural environment is pretty good, quiet, spare time, is a good place to vacation.
  • ecpet
    Which is very nice
  • liyongjun23
    Overall is fine, clean and tidy. But the lobby, some of the waitresses are not very smart ... ... Really needs to be improved
  • angeljoey
  • pan7634
    Search on the Internet, very value-for-money, the service did not say, hotel is very characteristic, wood material, ultra comfy big bed, bathroom signs, there are thousands of books can be seen, the whole family satisfied!
  • luolisweet
    Disappointed, design I don't see used, lives uncomfortable, room from floor to toilet paper are inferior goods, price difference, waiters are cold
  • cc6833
    First times encountered West Xuan such poor service of hotel, with boudoir honey with two a three age more of children scheduled staying two late double bed room, from car into West Brook heaven Hotel Resort began, on was 'XI Xuan hotel' make Halo has, clearly online is 'West Xuan', why indicates brand is 'XI Xuan', taxi driver also said 'West Xuan' should is just open of hotel, to hotel asked had only know is a hotel, just for a management company, yiqian is 'XI Xuan', for management company Hou is 'West Xuan'! Handle staying Shi front desk told bed only 1.2 meters with children sleep will is squeeze, recommends for two pieces big bed room, then we for has two Zhang big bed room staying! night please waiter help took several hanger, waiter attitude very poor said room so more hanger also enough with did? hanger has points finished no has! have hanger also matter, that on relief sleep's, can didn't thought of is morning not to at 7 o'clock on was chat, singing of voice wake, this thought is corridor guest talk, can eventuallyCurtains hanging outside the two outer wall construction personnel to clean the glass, rubbed up against the glass of two people talking and laughing song ... I want to know, first of all, why construction does not inform guests? second, knowing the next day construction, why sell guest rooms? third, where are your services? from the scenic area signs, to stay, to construction, construction wake up to check out consultations on how to address, in addition to fighter solution and nothing else, can only say that your service isWorse, without considering a guest's feelings, duty manager do the Lord, boss also happens on business studies, hotel Word is how to solve the final say ... ... Just want to say is, you may not have the hotel guests, but little can tell us best for beds, why construction does not inform guests early in the morning? what, may I ask where? did you hotel room, get a to read what is written on this? and not youThat letter! has been resolved, but is the bully's solution, regardless of whether the guest satisfaction, hotels can solve!
  • guojunpeng
    Hotel location was excellent, from xixi wetland Museum, is close to the high street. the room needs to be improved.
  • e00012614
    No balcony unfortunately. room was fine.
  • petejaai
    Good hotel is next to the wetland is quiet
  • lilyxia98
    Very good, good location, good environment
  • lao niu
    Very nice hotel, Hangzhou to stay here next time.
  • e00809040
    Great hotel, great sense of design, room facilities very good, great books are spectacular. good location, in wetlands, and West Brook Mall.
  • e05223716
    Around the hotel is great, hotel facilities good
  • sagittarlei
    Good location, a bit cold in the winter
  • fcx19860911
    Really good, live after this.
  • amy1981
    Hotel style is very good ... very comfortable.
  • foxsent
    Wall mold, reading lamp does not light, refrigerator not cooling causing fridge fever, drink hot, French-Windows sliding door cannot be locked!
  • iamgreenday
  • cltree100
    And the price is a serious departure from the!
  • e01885874
    Help customers feel good next time I want to try
  • a65615055
    The hotel, the lobby design, rooms, services are satisfactory, especially for Wen Qing live NAP. Unfortunately there is no garden, walk out the door is the road.
  • greengem123
    Hotels are free, acting super fit, nice focus on the staircase in the library are focusing on, and even if not, taking pictures is worth a visit!
  • o0 0o purse
    Surrounding environment good for relaxation
  • blossom
    Average, worse than imagined!
  • abelu
    Hardware did not have story tellers are also very good, very literary. Hotel obvious problems with the management staff is not professional and helpful on small details of more than 1000 hotels juice is confirmed.
  • yang1813
    Hardware design good, service is average and the relatively late, no one services, nor does it indicate what car battery service in the morning, bathing is occitane, a kind of feeling on the tall, overall, good surroundings, is not very convenient
  • Flyawayonjet
    A designer hotel!
  • mylys2002
    Design is great
  • FB Philharmonic
    Really nice hotel! location and reasonable price!
  • ygli232
    Hotel is at West Brook, of course advantageous geographical location, may not many people stay, hotel good library design, but not many people read. breakfast so-so, the rooms, the noise without, when I entered the room can hear some sounds in a room in the hallway, really indecent. floor to ceiling Windows, I like, good.
  • njtulv
    Hotels in xixi wetland on the edge of a very good environment, the room was large, design of the room is very warm, facilities were very new, West Brook Mall around, very convenient, highly recommended!
  • Alexander_lu
    Quiet and neighbor of xixi wetland. bird calls woke up in the morning.
  • awaworld
    Xixi wetland, room was OK.
  • banjoo
    Very quiet at night; flooring choice is bad, old dirty clean the sloppy
  • dinel
    Of people around traffic is very convenient, free up grade good, hotel is a late check out until one o'clock in the afternoon because of the train's late and hotel negotiated hotel can satisfy guest needs two points for late check out to praise a. breakfast matchy is not rich enough to enjoy breakfast, with freshly ground coffee is good.
  • nicolasx
    Hotel is very petty, overall good ... can bring a family member in the future.
  • e00305365
    Second stay, very good experience. Hotel new children's Park is small, but the kids can play
  • lei460
    Room a sense of design, surrounding what to eat are very convenient
  • ftw5257
    Decorating modern
  • boxinda
    It wasn't too bad
  • sunjiye0415
    Very satisfactory occupancy. hotel software and hardware are excellent, bathroom warm humanity. peripheral facilities, decoration design is beautiful, the service was good, rooms clean and tidy, good landscape scenery. it is worth staying at.
  • e04669963
    Environment is quite beautiful, but the hallways smell is heavy, hardware level is too low
  • sijia839
    Hotels in xixi Wetland Park on the edge of quiet, also many surrounding places to eat, mainly more green space, air environment, hotel price, hotel is a strong sense of design.
    Very interesting hotel, rooms fine, breakfast variety is not particularly much, but did a good job, like
  • cuixinyu123
    The location was excellent, West Brook, West Creek near the mouth of heaven, Grandma