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The Xixuan Spa Hotel Hangzhou (Xixuan Jiudian) puts forward a philosophy of elegant relaxation,  offering simple,  luxurious accommodation and a luxury spa offering unique treatments.    Designed with a modern minimalist style,  the rooms of this Hangzhou hotel offer custom-made Seally beds with 400 thread counts natural linens,  floor-to-ceiling windows,  reclaimed oakwood radiant heated floors and complimentary Wi-Fi.[View Detail]     

住客评论 2053条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • e01209266
    Good hotel! no worse than Sheraton!
  • lefty
    Design of well-
  • sunmilo
    Its good
  • apple_8241
    Very Japanese, taste pleasant aroma, and thick too literary
  • e02537644
    In the xixi in heaven, good environment, but in a taxi of Hangzhou, just slightly. Hotel facilities, service great, design is featured in the lobby. Breakfast is too simple.
  • e03083941
    Quality of decoration, design very nice
  • aanlaa
    Floor to ceiling Windows is my favorite, my husband said well, is little expensive ... ...
  • cecilyyou
    Unfortunately no swimming pools, toilet, no exhaust system, after taking a shower wet
  • argveron
    Balconies on many small stone ...
  • Bing is the sleeping water
    To shop early has, asked has about, has chosen on to do has staying, attitude is good, see with has children recommends took a big bed room, was, 2 meters of big bed a three mouth absolute no problem, later also sent has children of wash supplies and slippers, also has gift of fruit, peach is sweet. hotel of Humanities breath is rich, hardcover good book many, just lights slightly dark has some, room in is, night work not too right. Road opposite is sale of conjoined Villa, wood was,Is quiet. rain has, asked Hotel take has umbrella, along road to in go 5 minutes is hotel bar district, grandmother home, Cui Zhuang, Star dad are has, also has wetland Museum, wetland visitors center (hotel front desk took Zhang proved, adult package cheap 251 people, must to sat battery again for ship, too big has, to go died of). hotel of breakfast is simple, can selected sex too less, room within has capsule coffee machine, Illy of, has incense smoked candlestick, wood has fine oil, has Apple speaker,But the interface is 4, 5 and 6 do not have.
  • pan930810
    Very good, strong cultural atmosphere, and then
  • XX7850999
    Arrangement in the lobby is chic, movie night special and we are feeling
  • jugend
    Advantages of environment, design, facilities, l ' occitane bathroom amenities are very good. Shortcomings when staying, the floor has a lot of hair and dust, before going out to inform the front desk, but not cleared up, came back and told again, aunt to clean, but not with the vacuum cleaner, MOP musty or cleaned thoroughly, out for a long time was the smell of the room, kind of mood.
  • xunyc000123
    Good location, suitable for children. If business travel ... is a little bit far away from the city.
  • Juslm
    To zhiqian see zhiqian guest comments told breakfast is is lackluster, results to has only found in has has psychological prepared zhihou still than I imagine of also to less, also to didn't things can eat. ever see had of most nothing can eat of hotel breakfast. facilities words, to has only know no pool, results had to to has next door Hyatt pile of rooftop swimming pool, 50 block/people. is library style of int is a foreign of stunt has, actually nothing actual value. service words, breakfastSeating is not someone to pour coffee for you, eat all three meals are. health, there is a day bed linen stained ... so gross.
  • ailige
    Hotel is quiet, very suitable feeling very much a short holiday, rooms have balcony, location good, near a food court and chose not to, but still. overall satisfaction.
  • catmimi0421
    Beautiful environment, Bookshelf is characteristic of the atrium and rooms are split-level design, daughters especially like it! but in General.
  • georry
    Hotel in quiet secluded furniture simple fashion
  • e00186963
    Yes, very much
  • e00150195
    Nice air beds tidy nice hotel needs to be improved
  • popsyling
    Second, and this gym in decorating, but does not affect the use, taste was too strong and others as well
  • amour
    Great atmosphere of the hotel, my spouse and I loved it!
  • wangmingyu9067
    Environment is very good, service very good! next time!
  • jiabansiwen
  • boss999
    Very good and comfortable hotel environment recommended
  • bianjinbang
    Hotel Nice, nice
  • e00023455
    It's OK
    Very good of hotel, service also is good, battery active sent we to grandmother home dinner, in this Xia rainy day, has umbrella and bike take. side Shang dinner what is convenient, also has wetland Museum. because rain, in hotel a only bubble with, see book, is quiet is comfortable, bathroom also has skylights, is has feel. self breakfast the some also are has has. anyway, this is a is has features of hotel, location service also are is good, next also will staying, worth recommended!
  • jojobear1983
    Eating too little value for money than the surrounding
  • cstar3
    Shi Shu
  • joyce3721
    Needless to say, very good!
  • jianyu_tan
    Nice, perfect location, service was good, next time you will choose
  • elaine.xu
    Location and facilities really of good, breakfast style compared less, but for this staying rate for enough eat has, do of also is seriously. main is location good, in West Brook heaven in, must to eat grandmother home flagship shop really recommended, away from West Brook compared near. only is maximum of shortcomings is service. If not carefully see, you will think he home no service personnel really of, service attitude and enthusiasm far enough five-star standard. consumables is capsule coffee machine and full of Ou Shudan also is good of.
  • ajreplay
    OK in every way, is acting
  • catface1
    Like this hotel of style, first Hall has modern, comfortable of book's attract with I, then into rooms, hotel all is Finland wood tones of natural sent decorative again moved I, meet West Brook heaven 'diffuse' life of style, again enjoy two hours of SPA, to West Brook heaven in see field movie, tea a coffee, next to must to live Shang several day.
  • e05464789
    Absolutely recommended! Environment of the hotel is super nice, plus invincible library is definitely my dish, but it did not stay, XI XI the resort really is to stay on this side, slowly feel the free life is good ~ ~ ~ call a cab at the front desk is also very fast, only bad is the bathroom basin water really is a little too small
  • baby bear
    Too noisy pub opposite also has a swimming pool for two to find a quiet corner of the room staff good patience.
  • angela33622
    Environment, facilities and services the hotel did not have to say. is breakfast a bit less, but this did not affect the overall experience. Yes, very nice hotel.
  • leolei7456
    Hotel staff are very friendly and kind help you call for a car or something. breakfast enough for me to actually see comments that breakfast is not good enough, I think it is in the decoration on the side of the road does not close the balcony door a bit noisy in General.
  • bella_wang
    Overall really not high cost performance. Most serious of problem is actually was shut in toilet in out not to! OK inside loaded has phone has, call to has front desk, staff from outside door open has only out, almost will kick door has. toilet of door is moved door, closed has zhihou and no active locked, but on heard da a sound, seems lock automatically locked has, then on tragedy has, lock how also playing not open has, try has long are no success, last call to has front desk, Nor posted next to the phone number, try sowing a bit 0, success, the hotel staff came in time to finally open the door. There were such a thing, has to bad reviews. reminder to stay close, don't close the toilet door! hope to improve. Air conditioning is not to force, or because the quilt is too thick, covered too hot at night, do not cover cold. air conditioning temperature can also lobby on the ground floor, but started on the third floor, second floor,Hot, hot wants to sits outside reading is Samadhi. breakfast is rarely, it can also, quite satisfactory. Although there is balcony door looks good but is so heavy heavy heavy. There is still another advantage, hotel is on the decoration, the hotel is a small library, there are a lot of books, you can sit on the couch and read, if not hot. hotel features a shallow pool, at night around the candles, is still veryBeauty of. room internal of decoration also is has features, with of wood floor, pattern also has new, three floor of room bathtub above has natural of lighting, is good. to of this days night hotel just has movie put, but because not wants to see of so didn't to, saw to see movie of people per person sent has a headphones. Hotel waiter also is enthusiasm kind. provides to West Brook tickets discount of proved. All in all there are still a lot of room for improvement
  • Of the Nepenthe
    It's OK.
  • artceo
    Environment. service. supporting good. kind of stay!
  • rainwang1989
    Cost-effective ultra-high. nice quiet hotel facilities are also quite user-friendly
  • juion2011
    Worth the price, OK,
  • xinwawa
    It's not bad
  • e00974918
    West hotel with culture, natural beauty, simple, comfortable, unique style solid wood construction environment, give people a feeling of home, can indeed xixi in heaven for our holiday. [Leisure] [Leisure] [Leisure]
  • songxiao2981
    Hardware is OK, service
  • pxl009
  • gudmer
    Remember last year when for the first time feels good, this didn't feel, the room was rapid, pretty high level, walk is not easy to live a lot of trouble.
  • linggu55
    Nice hotel, nice