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The Xixuan Spa Hotel Hangzhou (Xixuan Jiudian) puts forward a philosophy of elegant relaxation,  offering simple,  luxurious accommodation and a luxury spa offering unique treatments.    Designed with a modern minimalist style,  the rooms of this Hangzhou hotel offer custom-made Seally beds with 400 thread counts natural linens,  floor-to-ceiling windows,  reclaimed oakwood radiant heated floors and complimentary Wi-Fi.[View Detail]     

住客评论 2094条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • amyangel
    Good xixi wetland.
  • gongyiwen
    Nice hotel,
  • jglin
    Hotel design is very modern, surprise surprise lobby Atrium. XI XI landscape next to the traffic is convenient, free visit to the wetland Museum, does not eat. right next to the street, eating is very convenient
  • sallymeng817
    Very good, 2nd time to live, full of memories
  • littlesea
    No idea of good, up to a value of 610 a night.
  • boengun
    Hotel environment, wife have added to their toiletries appreciation! hotel services are good, direct transfers! good choice!
  • caics
    A beautiful environment, fresh air
  • oasis2018
    So it was, and
  • LesleyLei
    Library is very characteristic environment good breakfast bad
  • lester0208
    Design hotel pretty new special feeling pretty good
  • libra~
    Rooms are simple and modern style, bathroom very good! surprise!
  • junet_du
    A very good environment, hardware and software but really not a luxury hotel, breakfast very little of it, super small gym, no swimming pool or experience the Spa
  • E02288382
    OK hurry if you stay for two nights will be better
  • siningli
    Environment, good service, good facilities, breakfast is very good. high standards of hotel library, very creative. the lack of places for children and swimming pools.
  • JANELEE2010
    Great place to holiday, although there is no in-depth understanding of the hotel, but the decoration of the hotel style I like, especially Hall, people had no sense of restraint.
  • swordyang
    Environment have no say
  • e00132483
    Which is very nice
  • Daniel Yuan
    Room very good, satisfactory, recommended to live
  • emmaalways
    Design simple fashion, hotel of atmosphere is good. set of is Spa Suite, space is big, is comfortable, but details at some flaws, like water stains, floor of fingerprints and small damaged. If not too picky words, compared around Hyatt Ficus Zhuang, hi to Deng of price, slightly kind some. location on in street of core zone, staying of when proposed hope arrangements landscape good of room, but later found also no what special good of landscape, are is street of building and some smallThe pool ... but also very comfortable, hardly go out, drink, cinemas bar KTV for our family members, almost all resolved, next to the Wetland Park, fewer people go out for a walk in the evening, do not have a taste. the whole environment is very good, suits don't want to toss to stay on holiday. high cost performance.
  • e00457143
    Design like the lobby, comfortable style!
  • nicowu68
    Hotels close to the xixi, environment is really good, very comfortable hotel environment settings are also very good ~ ladder also has a library and a bar, it's wicked! recommends putting some little bright spot lamp ~ will stay next time!
  • amyao
    Very artistic, very convenient, air quality is too good
  • ca3199
    Very nice comfortable hotel
  • e00067967
    Balcony 7 on time to have for breakfast a lot of ash found not ready wait ten minutes of the hotel's design I like
  • babay_g
    Around the Green is very good, the environment did not have to say, the rooms are very comfortable, lived in XI House, balcony was very beautiful, open balcony very comfortable wind blew into the open, I think TV too small
  • carol52033
    Fine from the wetlands near the hotel set up is also very good
  • e01406234
    Environmental health is pretty good, recommended
  • Eiffel_liu
    Lin XI XI wetlands is a library in the lobby, the overall style of relaxed, culture
  • On/, flowers
    Good library design is very beautiful. rooms are simple, sunken design.
  • macboovet
    A sense of taste and design hotels
  • e00216428
    Feel good, all very good
  • cmtccwb
    Is a very good hotel, great garlic in the xixi wetland
  • bobowengxing
    Great love. The West Creek hotel is a very comfortable and endowment, value for money very good.
  • maybee528
  • momo_43
    Very comfortable living
  • fxj0928
    Make first-class service
  • endy_xm
    Very nice hotel, hardware, software services are great.
  • lee_sunny78
    A level rod of hotel, environment, facilities didn't words told. Design is highlights, yihou will continues to select. only is not satisfaction of is in I left room of when seems has staff into had room placed fruit, although this is intimate service, also didn't lost things, but total think weird of. hope yihou can prior and guest ahead of told about, if has appeared not happy of thing on said not clear has. General also is is good of.
  • ann4353
    What services are good
  • tangybo
    Overall good movie, although it is his characteristic, will again consider staying
  • e01209266
    Good hotel! no worse than Sheraton!
  • lefty
    Design of well-
  • sunmilo
    Its good
  • apple_8241
    Very Japanese, taste pleasant aroma, and thick too literary
  • e02537644
    In the xixi in heaven, good environment, but in a taxi of Hangzhou, just slightly. Hotel facilities, service great, design is featured in the lobby. Breakfast is too simple.
  • e03083941
    Quality of decoration, design very nice
  • aanlaa
    Floor to ceiling Windows is my favorite, my husband said well, is little expensive ... ...
  • cecilyyou
    Unfortunately no swimming pools, toilet, no exhaust system, after taking a shower wet
  • argveron
    Balconies on many small stone ...
  • Bing is the sleeping water
    To shop early has, asked has about, has chosen on to do has staying, attitude is good, see with has children recommends took a big bed room, was, 2 meters of big bed a three mouth absolute no problem, later also sent has children of wash supplies and slippers, also has gift of fruit, peach is sweet. hotel of Humanities breath is rich, hardcover good book many, just lights slightly dark has some, room in is, night work not too right. Road opposite is sale of conjoined Villa, wood was,Is quiet. rain has, asked Hotel take has umbrella, along road to in go 5 minutes is hotel bar district, grandmother home, Cui Zhuang, Star dad are has, also has wetland Museum, wetland visitors center (hotel front desk took Zhang proved, adult package cheap 251 people, must to sat battery again for ship, too big has, to go died of). hotel of breakfast is simple, can selected sex too less, room within has capsule coffee machine, Illy of, has incense smoked candlestick, wood has fine oil, has Apple speaker,But the interface is 4, 5 and 6 do not have.